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What I feel about this...

She lied to us all, basically. She tried to turn me against everyone. She made ME tell Kirra she was out of the family. I hated that. I hated Kirra telling me she was crying so hard. I hate that we’ve all been lead on and bitched about behind our backs. Does that sound like something another member of your family would do to you? Something a FRIEND would do? We’ve been deceived. I’m mortified and still a bit dillusional about the whole situation.

Dearest “Vienna”,
You could not stoop any lower.


I’m not crying anymore the tears are gone the girl called Hakura is a lier she said we were still friends but we are not we never will be after what you said about me behind my back well I’m saying this to you face hakura you are nothing but a low life bitch that toyed with the people in that fake familys feeligs well once they all know the truth you can’t run away you have to face the music you are beyond saving good bye foreva becuse if i keep on talking to you hakura i would have could you every cuss word in the book and even ones i made up.As for my friends you know where to find me.

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