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Still Failing Miserably

I’m watching a lot less TV now, but I’m still failing miserably. My PVR won’t work anymore after Comcast went all-digital. The PVR had been my crutch (I record the programs I want to watch and only watch them when I have the time), but now I’ve I’m back to square one.


tasha crowder Holla!


Watch t.v while you work out. That would make it productive. I do a workout dvd that I’m familiar with on one screen while watching a netflix movie or show on another. I also watch tv while I read over notes for class. This way, I don’t feel a need to take breaks, the emotional responses I have strengthen my memory of the subject, and I don’t feel fatigued after hours of memorizing and testing myself in a subject. If you like it so much, make sure it suits your purpose. That way you don’t feel guilty. I find that if I don’t entertain myself, I feel cheated-especially if I’m doing something that’s a bit dry-like the same old workout video and the same old notes.


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