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catita72 looking for my inner light

Stick to my Flylady routines like glue (read all 22 entries…)
Dressed to the shoes

I am starting to FACE my …gulp…finances
Since I have separated I have spent money like thereĀ“s no tomorrow, but I need to get this under control ASAP. Meeting my inner brat has been fun as she is catita, not my real name.
I am starting to to act my wage
Any pointers out there?


It sounds like you already know what you need to do...

So rather than looking for the right book or system get out pencil and paper. Write down what you have and what you owe. Then what your regular income is and what you bills and general expenses are grocery/gas/etc. Take a hard look and work from the truth, and good for you for owning up and growing up. I did this years ago and the truth is that the first bit of time was the hardest. You’ll do great and be glad you did it!

GazeboGal Looking forward to the Ursid meteor shower!!

Agreeing with LoveTheRain

You can do this!

If you need a bit of coaching/book, I loved “Your Money Or Your Life” – it’s the good advice LTR just wrote.

Totaly honesty with yourself, NO Guilt!, just love yourself and know you can do this challenge!

I find that giving myself a small allowance (and it’s less than I had in high school!!) helps keep me from “panic spending” – also, I increase my allowance a wee bit each time I pay off a debt. Might work for you, too :)

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