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protect the woobies (read all 2 entries…)
Woobie=someone you just want to huuug!

There are many definitions of a woobie, basically its just that cute and adorable character that most likely has a sad past, and you just want to hug and comfort them!
I honestly believe, that most of today’s violence can be solved, if we just stop being so self-centered and start taking care of each other more. Protect our woobies! Make everyone feel loved! Because everyone really does deserve to be loved!
I was watching this video in class a while ago, and it was about this teenage boy who snapped and took a gun to school, and then proceeded to shoot a bunch of people. And I just sat there thinking to myself, “If SOMEONE had just been there when he really needed them, he would have never snapped, and then all those people might still be alive today.” He really was just an average kid, he had a few learning disabilities, and his family was pretty harsh on him. And all his friends did was get him into more trouble.
It would have been an easy fix for me.
But idk.
I guess this goal for me, is really to just treat everyone I know as best as I can. And to be there when anybody needs me, because we all need a shoulder every now and again.


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Is there anything more worth doing?

There’s an old saying about the way to judge a society is to see what care they take of the vulnerable. It may look good and strong and successful on the outside, but if there are people being ignored and left to flounder then it is a society that has a cancer.

I really like this goal.

Julie Rex Feels terrible for ignoring 43Things! D:

Thank you!

I really like this goal too, I’ve never heard that old saying before, but I agree with it strongly… very well put. Thanks again!

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