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Take pictures of examples of spelling and punctuation so horrible that they make me feel a bit sick, and post them on here for other language geeks to gawp at. (read all 67 entries…)
This might be the best one I have ever taken.

I snapped this in a seaside pub restaurant where we were having a family meal. I kept having to run over and try to take sneaky photos. Every time I look at this pic I spot something else.

  • Let’s start off gently by noting that there’s an apostrophe missing from “chefs”. But this is par for the course now. Ready?
  • Pan-seared scollops? ScOllops? Not… scallops?
  • Horseraddish with two ds?
  • I guess there’s an accent missing from “soufflĂ©”. But frankly that’s small fry next to…
  • ..grilled venison lion?! Raaaargh!
  • ..and redcurrent jus?! Some kind of electric shock?
  • ..and salad leavs?
  • ..and new potatos?

Awesome. There was also a second menu board upon which they had spelled “pigeon” as “pigion”. Brilliant.



too funny!

clarabutt boo! hiss! to evil omnipotent FB


whilst spelling and punctuation mistakes on menus are a pet hate for me too, what I really dislike is when pretentious restaurants misuse the english language in an attempt to make simple food sound posh. My all time favourite was ”... served with a cacophony of vegetables”. I suspect that they meant a cornucopia of vegetables, but maybe I am being generous. I just had this image of really noisy vegetables.

Absnasm is mostly elsewhere.

That's hilarious!

I’ve got this image of carrots carved into the shape of brass instruments.

I like it when they get the tone slightly wrong, and say things like “bathed in (some kind of sauce)”. Indian takeaway menus are brilliant for this, I’ve quite often seen them describe dishes as “runny”, which is not exactly the best word to describe food.


it was a medley that hadn’t practised enough…?

Absnasm is mostly elsewhere.

Oh, snap!

What gets me

is there’s a smudge under the end of “potatos”, as if someone had written it with an e and then decided it didn’t look right :-p

Absnasm is mostly elsewhere.

Wow, I hadn't noticed that!

You’re right, well spotted! Reminds me of this blast from the past.


I missed that one somehow. Unbeleivable unbeleivable :-p

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