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Pet Serrano has just changed her name. (Hello! )

Embrace Smashwords. (read all 3 entries…)

I had an account. Then I bought stuff. Then I decided I might upload my out-of-print picture books. Probably not a good idea to review raunchy Sci-Fi on an account where I have uploaded picture books.

So now I have a new account, but cannot review things unless I bought them on that account, so I’ve only reviewed one thing so far. I’ll head over to Amazon and Goodreads when I have the time, but who knows when that will be when I have 5 rooms to plaster and paint? I only stop by the internet on my way from one project to another, and I don’t want my reviews to suck. Like that last one? Short, yeah, but I couldn’t possibly fit more adverbs in there. Shameful.

I know, most people don’t care, but I know they’re there and anyone else who has read enough or poked through The Elements of Style is going to notice.



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