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The other day, I remembered

something from 1999… I was going to apply for a live-in job at the Pets Alive sanctuary, in New York State. I thought it would be perfect for me, and would help me socialize my dogs (pups at the time), as well as myself. I didn’t go through with it, after my mother lost her temper (surprisingly – she was in the process of losing her younger daughter, in a way, and I guess the prospect of my going away, felt too much at the time). Later that year, she remembered the job, and asked me if it was still available. (*edit. She didn’t like the idea of my working so hard, for no real pay – just a place to sleep, and some food to eat. That was her objection (she thought I could do better). I was just talking with her about it, because I was surprised that she hadn’t jumped at the idea (my parents are incredibly supportive, most of the time).

I’m mentioning it here, because I’d been obsessed with an area called New Paltz, after reading that it was vegetarian and vegan friendly, and having seen in a magazine, what looked to be a lovely little town, described as an artist’s colony (perfect for me – it also had its own college). New Paltz is in the Hudson Valley, so had I got the job, it would have been a way for me to transition to the other town, whenever I had the opportunity to (once my live-in commitment was over with). I don’t like the way the Law of Attraction folks say that everything you attract (including violence) is down to your vibration, but this is one of those things that I kick myself over. I stayed here instead, and ended up becoming agoraphobic again – not getting over it for several years.


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