Fall in real love: ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't live without each other love. (read all 5 entries…)
This was one of the first goals I put up...

And when I think of it, I believe I’d already fallen madly in love with the man of my dreams. All three (pathetic in comparison) entries have been made up of rare moments of total mind-blowing shock from this man, and now that we’ve just spent the best Christmas and New Year’s of our lives together, I can’t imagine another one with out him.

Every moment together, good or bad, has become about each other, we’re entirely consumed in the other one to the point where neither of us is entirely whole without the other one, and there is no greater joy than happiness together.

Everything about our love is just as this goal states: It’s rediculous that the two of us, from two completely different walks of life, 8 years between us, and many bold things against us would be able to commit so unabashed, stongly, and willingly… It’s inconvenient that I left for four months to study abroad after only 3 precious months together, and now have whisked away againto college in Indiana while he’s in Florida… Thoughts of each other consume our every moment, attempts to make the other happy and be together consume every dollar, and moments together consume every heartbeat, every breath, to the point of our entirety…. And of course, neither of us wants anything more than to never have a moment without the other. Every step we’ve taken from Day 1 has been together in some shape or form, without compromising our own dreams, if only making them come alive, develop, and grow.

Thinking about it tonight, it is without fail that I have no only done this, but will continue to be in love with Brian regardless of this being a goal or having been completed. I am thankful for having this goal if only to put into words a feeling I can barely contain myself, let alone wish so greatly to share with the world.


Thanks for posting this...

This was so beautifully written, thank you for sharing.

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