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document my trip (read all 30 entries…)
The night of the 15th

of July (2007) I went over to my friend AM’s house in Oakwood, Raleigh. She was meeting some of her friends over at a venue in Raleigh whose name escapes me to see The Gourds. At the time I didn’t know them, but I trusted AM’s taste. As I recall now, the place was a barbecue type place in addition to being a concert venue, and also featured plenty of liquor. I experienced conflicting sensations: I was a little out of place socially with AM’s other friends, although they were friendly enough. The main issue was we didn’t know enough about each other and we were at an event not conducive to getting to know a stranger, even with the best of intentions. On the other hand, I enjoyed being there, trying something out I didn’t know, in a place I didn’t know, with people I (mainly) didn’t know. I was also able to hide behind taking pictures, which is one thing a camera was good for. The band was very good, which will be of no surprise to anyone who has heard them.

Subsequently (three years later) I have now found that AM is yet another friendship that has fallen victim to the distance. I have fond memories of her, but we hadn’t forged enough to sustain us; I’m afraid she has been reduced to the status of mere Facebook friend. I wish it weren’t so, but it is more than I can do sometimes to maintain all of the relationships I have formed around the country. That is something to think about, though.

The picture is of AM talking to her friend, making meetup arrangements before the show.



Some of the better photos of the band

I’m including in the comments. Lots of duds, but I just kept taking more.








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