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gain 20 pounds
How do i gain 20 or 30 pounds quickly?

How do i gain 20 or 30 pounds very quickly??? My name is Brianna and i am 11 years old going to the 6th grade on 8/15/2010..i am 70-79 pounds..I’m the skinniest one out of all my friends !!! OMG please give me steps on how to gain weight i am really looking foward to gaining weight!I hate when the boys tease me about im skinny , I look like a toothpick , And more! Nothing can fit me right! My skirts , shorts , and tutu’s dont look right on me because my legs look like their bout to break ! will you help me ?!? PLEASE HELP ME..PLEASE !!!!!- -P.S-Thank you <3


Gaining Weight.

I’m 13 (turning 14 in February) and going into grade 9. I’m around 85 pounds.
I have been very skinny my whole life, and sometimes people make fun of me for it. I’ve been trying to gain weight before school begins too, but for me school starts Sept. 2nd.
What im going to do is:
Eat healthier. I know it sounds lame, but its true. Eat Plenty of fruits and vegetables. (Raw) You CAN have dressing, but a form of “Vinaigrette” is best. Eat often. Have a light snack every hour or so. Example: Eat bagel now, and in an hour have an apple.
Combine lean meat with some carbs. Example: At dinner, have some lean steak with a potato.
Eat whole grain pasta, bread.. no white flour.
Drink tea.. water.. And don’t drink soda/soft drinks. Any extra sugar will speed up your metabolism.
Occasionally go to the gym. Muscle is 3 times denser than fat, so its a good weight-gainer. And don’t worry about getting “bulk” or “Too muscular” because being a girl, your body doesn’t work that way.
You should concentrate on gaining weight in a healthy way, instead of eating a lot of junk foods.
I hope this helps!
—Katie (=

Brianna, please don’t try to gain weight!! You look GORGEOUS!! I would KILL to look like you! That is no lie. Please, be happy with how you look. I cannot tell you how BADLY i wish I looked like you. Don’t listen to what those boys say, most boys are just mean because they like a girl. You are so beautiful. Take this from someone who has weight issues. I was on a very strict diet this past weekend, ate hardly anything and gained 6 lbs in less than two days. Believe me when I say my two least favorite words in the world are weight and gain!! Be happy you have a metabolism like you do. And also, if you gain weight now, when you get older and that metabolism slows down, you’ll start putting on lbs you never wanted. Be overjoyed at your size. SOOOOOO many girls wish they looked just like you. I know I do. I think that skirts and tutus and all that look SO good on skinny girls. You look great in your shorts. You have the perfect, coveted body, don’t lose it!!!!


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