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BabySnowLeopard is home after a two week trip to Thailand!

brush my teeth twice a day (read all 4 entries…)
I have a confession to make..

...yep, you guessed it.

I do not brush my teeth twice a day!


I brush my teeth once a day – in the morning.

Now, I know this is harsh, but I partially blame my Mother for this. You learn from your parents at a young age. You learn to cook, clean etc…
..My Mother never used to tell me and my Brother to brush our teeth before bed when we were younger.
And then, she would brush her teeth before she went to bed, but me and my Brother would already be asleep, so we wouldn’t pick it up from her.

I don’t think my teeth are in bad condition actually. I just know that I should be brushing twice a day.
From now on, I’ll brush before bed.


(This comment was deleted.)

BabySnowLeopard is home after a two week trip to Thailand!

I've got another confession to make...

...On the very odd occasion, usually when I don’t feel to good.. I sometimes go a day without brushing.

Woah, call me dragon breath!

I think another reason why I haven’t brushed twice a day, is just good old laziness. When I get in to bed, I’m all snug and cozy. The thought of getting out of my nice warm bed to put cold stuff in my mouth does not fill me with joy.
I need to get in to a routine of brushing my teeth before I get anywhere near my bed.

(This comment was deleted.)


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