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wolfwings13 is wondering the about vision

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ultimate awnser

I AM A GENIUS!!!! guys guess what i found out what to do about the wings and school. the wing (unless it is a pixie wing or somthin) is a two jointed appendage meaning it is like your arm and your arm can be shot out like a wing and then folded tight to the body so we’ll just fold our wings to our bodies then wear a tshirt with holes cut in them for wing spots and finally a jacket/hoodie/vest over top
wadda you think


Kytsune is happy he can talk to his friends again,


Ya just now figured it out, Sherlock?

midnighthowling needs a haircut

Bravo Captain Obvious ;)

Gives you shiny star

but does that feel like dislocating your arm, or just bend it like an arm? What im saying is, is it possible that it will hurt like the dickens?

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