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No photo for this NSFW addition from Dan Savage's Savage Love advice column.

I bloody love Dan Savage, not just for the amazingly astute and hilariously delivered sex advice available on his podcast and advice column, but for his vicious inability to let it lie when someone with a poor grasp of grammar and spelling gets in touch. To wit the third letter on this week’s column.

“I’m a bi 18 year old female. I can’t cum during sex, I never have. Boys or girls it doesnt matter. I can get off by myself but with other people its just uncomfterable. Vagional penatration feels good but head or finger fucking is Not fun. I thought that it was just the people I was sleeping with. You know, age and a small town bla bla bla. I’m off to collage now and in a much biger city and nothing is better.”

Dan’s answer.

Off to collage, are we?

Here’s something you may not know about vaginal penetration (besides how to spell “vaginal” and “penetration”) because it’s not something that’s typically covered in small-town high-school sex-ed classes: You can touch yourself during vaginal intercourse. Whatever you’re doing that’s getting you off when you’re alone, ICC, do that thing—touch yourself that way—whenever a sex partner is penistrating you vaginotionally.

And that, my friends, is why I love Dan Savage.



Dan's last sentence

I burst out laughing!!

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