be less awkward

Okay so recently I’ve noticed that I have become a more awkward person… My friends even think so. I think I’m an outgoing person, it’s just that I say the weirdest things and my actions can be so odd. So I try to be a quiet person, but then people think I’m more awkward and there is something wrong with me. I don’t understand how it can be so tough to avoid being awkward… I really need some advice to stop this nonsence. Please.


I feel your pain Dx

Yeah I’m the same way when I’m around somebody I don’t know I just feel so alien twards them and I just say random ass crap, because I can’t focus on their conversation. As soon as they mention something that catches my attention like if they said game, I would think of a fun game of the iPhone for bit. Then I relize the speaker was talking for two minutes and I have no idea what he or she was talking about. That or their boring Hehe. So I usually stay quiet :]
... But relax ya? If people find you akward then don’t hang with em. Chillax with some homies that like you no matter what. Even if your quiet. Know what I mean ya? :D


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