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Ooooh, a new obsession

My little brother and sister are now the proud, giddy, deliriously happy owners of a Nintendo Wii game system. They saved their pennies and nickles (literally!) and finally came up with enough of their own money to buy a Wii, something they’ve wanted for a long time.

My husband bought it for them yesterday, and my little brother met him in the driveway, eagerly asking if he had found them a system.

Since Tommy set it up for them, I think my little brother has only stopped playing long enough to eat and sleep. He’s already asked me for fresh batteries for the Wiimote twice. Thank goodness we have rechargeable double As.

So the temptation to mark this as done is surfacing… but I’m not convinced quite yet. The insanity is definitely ebbing, but I’m going to wait just a bit more to be sure.


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Oh, I'm waiting for it!

You know those avatar things you can make on the Wii? My little brother excitedly asked to show them to me today. He has made an avatar for everyone in our family, including my sons, added in our neighbor (who is like family), and even made up avatars for their favorite Mario characters. Toad had a knit cap on, Mario had a mustache, I think Wario had bushy eyebrows. They are having fun just getting set up – so now I really am waiting til they start downloading games. I’ll brace myself. :P

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