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intaapllieas is studying

Pass the CPA exam (read all 2 entries…)
FAR-What are the hardest chapters Becker

I have FAR on Oct 2, and start work in mid-Sept. I am trying to focus my time on the harder subjects. This is my first exam; should I keep my date or move it back?


reemi105 the wait of reg is killing me

You should be able to take the exam, but if you an option to forward the date, I would. FAR is the longest section in Becker and each lecture has a lot of homework questions. The good thing about FAR is that everything builds on itself. I don’t know if there is a “hard” chapter, because everyone has their own weaknesses. I feel like bonds and leases are the more confusing aspects as well as consolidations. Becker does a good job with consolidations I feel. Also, I would take the non-profit and government sections seriously bc those items will definitely be on the exam. I’m not sure if I answered your question, but I would make sure to know every section. I think the easiest chapter was the one with inventory and depreciation.

If you are using Becker, just follow their order. Chapter 2 will seem hard, but then they repeat some questions in later chapters, and it seems not as bad as in the beginning

intaapllieas is studying


Thanks for the input. I am going through Chapter 5 (as we speak :( ). I thought I was a little better on the bonds portion (I was a finance major in college as well), but I guess not. Oh well, just have to keep going at it. Just want to pass this one so I don’t have to mess with the 2011 FAR exam. Thanks!

cpacpa1 Studying for AUD 7/15! (FAR, BEC and REG passed!)

Hello, I scheduled FAR for 10/2 as well. You are farther along than i am, still finishing up homework for ch. 3. I am studying full time (not working) so I feel like it’s doable, but it is my first attempt at FAR. Souds like our focus should be around:

1. Bonds
2. Government
3. Non-profit
4. Leases
5. Consolidations

Not in that order… good luck and lets keep eachother motivated!

intaapllieas is studying


Yeah, I think it is doable too. I planned on finishing going through all the material before my start date (which according to Becker shouldn’t be a problem), and then do a final review for 2.5-3 weeks. I don’t want to restudy a new book for 2011, so I’m a little stressed.

I am also studying full time right now, as I mentioned. It’s all I do :(

cpacpa1 Studying for AUD 7/15! (FAR, BEC and REG passed!)

That’s ok, remember the more miserable we are now the better chance we have of passing, we have to make studying our life for the next 6 weeks! we can do it!


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