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critique user interfaces (read all 3 entries…)
Gas Pump Entry Screen at PDQ

During the process of purchasing gas via credit card at a PDQ self serve gas pump, I noticed an inconsistancy between one of the questions and the selection controls. Before being able to select fuel type, the user is required to indicate whether a car wash is also to be included in the charge. At this step, the text message screen says, “Car Wash? Press yes or no”. The control buttons are located below the message screen. However, the order is reversed. True, the red for “no” and green for “yes” aid in selecting the correct button; yet, I tend to hesitate because I expect the “no” button to be located in the same order as the text message.


HobokenMartha FRINGE.

love it!

I think about this whenever I have to get a Metrocard or a PATH train card, or get money from an ATM or use my debit card at the supermarket. right on! Keep doing your critiques!

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