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Why isn’t it possible to add more things to this list =(?

Cause this site is called 43things, so you can only add 43 things? I keep having the problem not being able to add new things to my list =(..

They should have called it 100things. I would be able to add a 100 things! Oke.. that would probably be a little bit to much ;).. but at least that would be more then enough ;). I would be able to add all the things I would like to accomplish =], without completing another goal first.

Maybe they called it 43things.. because a limit like this works better to complete your own list? You have to actually complete stuff before being able to add new things.


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That’s pretty much why. If you only have a limited amount of space and infinite things you want to do, it really pushes you to actually do the stuff on the list.

At least it does for me. It also makes me thing about what I want to do and whether I can break a big goal into a series of smaller quicker goals, so it feels like I’m getting more accomplished.

Pretty clever of them.

dragonfly35 April is here!

Have you considered

using the “given up” feature to “park” your goals for future? I have goals on my given up list that were never on my original list for more than a second but I added them and then gave them up immediately so I wouldn’t forget them. I used to have 43 things on my list all the time, but I find I am more effective at completion if I keep the list under 30. Every once in a while, I pare it down even more. Almost none of my “given up” goals are things I’ve actually given up. They’re things I intend to come back to later.

beauty11 ...you have to keep alive that part of yourself that's rebellious


I have this same problem! I always have too many goals and want to add them all. I think the aforementioned comment is something I will start implementing. I like the idea of using the “give up” tool to save my goals.

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