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I'm gonna spread my wings and take to the sky by doing one New and Fulfilling thing in July, August, and September 2010 (read all 6 entries…)
A pretty good start

1. I never thought I’d decide to get a degree in mathematics, but I gotta say it’s the best. field. EVER! I love pretty much all the lectures and… yeah, that’s pretty much it.
2. My ‘student initiation’ was yesterday. Even though everybody thought that our group never cares about anything [maybe because we’re 3rd, therefore last, I don’t know], we were the first group to complete the tasks and we totally kicked everyone’s ass in the rope pulling contest! xD
3. My foreign language score was the best one in the whole faculty!
4. Had a concert last Saturday and nobody showed up… xD But we started 2 hrs late, and there were some people after all. Damn you, basketball!!
5. I found out that we’ll have Physics in spring already. Somebody said that we’ll only 2nd year students have Physics, which made me a bit disappointed, so this is great news. I love Physics!
6. I didn’t get busted yet, but I doubt that people will really be this blind 4 damn years…

And that’s a lot of exclamation marks.


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