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Autumneyes is up really LATE

get married (read all 2 entries…)
LOL ...4 years later....

I set this goal 4 years ago and i’m still not married….I rarely update this site because I forget I have it and my spam filter enjoys eating my goals, but every now and then one sneaks past it like tonight….So to update I moved to another state and discovered that I was home sick for maryland, that the guy I was dating for 5 months prior to leaving clearly wasn’t that in to me and moved on right after I left and didn’t bother to tell me. I found out while visiting that he was banging some other chick…nice….while I get I left and we were not in a commitment it still hurt my ego….. and I moved to a part of the country thats so freaking isolated its evil so along with that I haven’t had a date in 8 months and counting….I get on planes and leave as often as possible…I miss the east coast (sniff)...However my ex from college has been calling me non-stop after i left he said he would miss me which i was skeptical of…. We have had an on again off again thing for like 6 years. We were only truly in a relationship for 1 year and well…the on again off is just complicated…all the sudden I went home to visit in July and hes talking about getting married to me and introduced me to his family and friends in one weekend (double woot)!!! Who the heck knows perhaps absence makes the heart grow fonder has some merit….but not putting all my eggs in one basket its how my mind works so also trying to transfer to a more populated area FAST! Gotta improve my odds ! God willing may be next year I will be able to check off this goal…heck its only fair 4 years goin on five is just wrong LOL



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