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My cousin called out to see my new home today. She and her husband had been at a wedding near where i live the night before so they were naturally feeling their best when they arrived. Considering how hung-over they were they were in great form and it was especially nice to show them around as Catherine is an estate agent and had been really helpful when I was buying the place.
Anyhow, she gave me a really cool casserole dish as a house-warming present along with an impressive looking cookbook that specialises in curries. Nice.
However, as I slid it into my collection of new cookbooks it rather pointed up the fact that so far, three months in, I have only made one meal from all those funds of culinary knowledge, a shameful statistic.
I need to get my arse in gear and get going with this learning to cook idea. Next week I will use this book and make one curry, something that I have never done before. Even though I like curries.


I am

shamefully ignorant in the curry department, myself – though I also like curry dishes.

And don’t feel too bad about not cooking much – I don’t have time to much lately, either.

Have fun cooking this week!

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