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Bradley Anderson Do or do not. There is no try.

Quit Smoking
First step...

In March of this year I bought an electronic cigarette (no tobacco, no tar, no nicotine) and I absolutely loved it! Unfortunately, however, I just can’t afford the cartridges for it every month. I smoke roll-up’s, and being on disability I have to go with the cheapest alternative, and rolling my own is the cheapest.

For those of you that smoke regular cigarettes, though, an electronic cigarette is a great choice. You’ll save AT LEAST half of what you pay now by switching to an ecig.

If my money situation improves I will definitely be going back to the e cig.

I was so impressed with mine, in fact, that I created a blog with some good information and reviews of the most popular brands. You can learn more at http://ecigs-today.com

Good luck to anyone trying to quit smoking. All smokers know just how hard this can be for most of us.


Suzi 'What the 'Eye' Sees the mind can aquire'

Sorry if im gonna upset you...

Giving UP smoking does not mean REPLACE IT !!!

Either you are a smoker or a NON-SMOKER there is no in between or substitute or replacement or alternative product…


Its an AMAZING FEELING once you are smoke or smoke product FREE its AWSOME I cant even describe it to you…

I cant even figure how I was so hooked on smoking i really cant even understand how i used to do it…

Its odd what i say but when you are FREE you will know what I mean… its an addiction that keeps you in denial… when you are free of it its like something let you go free… you’ll never look back.

Bradley Anderson Do or do not. There is no try.

No, not upset at all...

I always enjoy hearing the opinions and views of others.

I used to be a drug addict (well, I always will be, but I haven’t used in over 20 years), so I know exactly what you mean.

Maybe I should re-state my goal as “Stop using tobacco”, because I’m more concerned with lessening the health risks rather than the act of ‘smoking’ itself. The ‘smoke’ in the ecigs is just water vapor.

Suzi 'What the 'Eye' Sees the mind can aquire'

Well done !

For taking that onboard I do appreciate that you took the time to understand and absorb what I said…

Its Awsome that you also kicked drugs outa your life… that is commendable I’m sure others who read this are encouraged to know that anything is possible when YOU WILL IT

Good Luck in your quest I look forward to reading more fulfilled goals on your list ; )

(This comment was deleted.)

JW 1096 its all just a matter of time........

Just wanted to say...

Good Luck quitting smoking, I quit in November last year so I’m nearing 5 months now, it isn’t an easy thing to accomplish and its so easy to slip back into it but I knew it would be worth it. I pretty much never think about smoking now – it does get easier :D Anyway, well done so far and keep going!!


Theskysthelimit1976 Searching for Sky

Good luck quitting!

I know what you mean about having something to replace… I HAD to use the patch to quit… I really couldn’t get through half a day without something…. I know financially that might not be an option for you right now but I know the taper off effect really helped me. I wish you the best with this!!

Bradley Anderson Do or do not. There is no try.

Back on board

I’m back on the ecig now, and have cut the nicotine level down to half of what I was using with no ill effects whatsoever, so it is definitely working.

Theskysthelimit1976 Searching for Sky

Oh! Right on!

That is so awesome to hear! I am super stoked for you!

(This comment was deleted.)

Bradley Anderson Do or do not. There is no try.

Still going good...

:D The first few days it felt a bit odd until I got used to the taste and how to hit it, but after that it’s just like a real cigarette to me now.

But I’m down to half the nicotine as I was when I started, and I hit it only about half as often. :)

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