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I need to stop talking about marriage....

Chris and I have been together coming up 3 years and throughout ALL of that time, we always talk about marriage!!! I know I will marry Chris but at this point, no. I am only 20 for God’s sake!! Need to wait another 4 years at least I think, and even then people will be saying, ‘oh, far too young!!’ but WHAT THE HECK.
At the moment I do basically just want to plan a wedding and pick out the menu and invites etc…...... but at the same time the thought of being married sounds just amazing!! I’d love to always have someone to go through life with =) Boo, i have to wait wait wait. And in the meantime, stop mentioning it!! Chris really does want to get married but just not yet, definitely not. No. He is only 23. And I should stop going on about it. Just cos it is boring and not going to happen yet!! So I should shh.


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