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devilslittlesister13 is being tested on the whole not worrying thing

Stop worrying about things I cannot control
Harder then I thought

Well I added this then I got a ton of stuff dropped in my lap… I had to deal with being responsible for my grandmother and her getting care (nursing home), I broke my foot , found out I have very bad bone density and had to withdraw from nursing school (I would have been done in may) and I found out I have CIN I (I’m stage one cervical dysplysia I know I spelled it wrong but it means I have precancerous growth.) All this happened within the past 4 months I have been overwhelmed…felt scared worried etc etc. But I have repeatedly told myself not to worry bout the things I can not control and that it’s not in my hands :) so it has been a HUGE thing but I think I got it so I’m grateful. And I’m ok with the fact that I’m kinda walking a line with the cancer thing it’s ok we are watching it and if it gets worse I will face that if it goes away (cross fingers)it is ok.



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