I want to write a book about how date night is great for your marriage and would love to hear about your experiences (hope doesn't qualify as a smacker!) - the best, worst dates, what you do - email me at lisa_dating@yahoo.com (read all 2 entries…)
We had two dates this weekend

Since this was my husband’s birthday weekend, we had a single date on Saturday and a double one on Sunday. Saturday night, we went to Dave and Buster’s, it was nice and quiet in the restaurant area. After we had dinner, we went and played some games; skee-ball is my favorite game, then we played the casino like games were you drop a coin in and it slides to knock the other coins off the ledge. It was a nice time playing games with no kids around.
Sunday night we went to the Mike Epps and friends comedy show, it was so funny. We won 4 tickets to the show and after party,so we took my BF and her escort. The show was so funny that my jaws hurt from laughing the next day. the afterparty was alright, the vip dj sucked, so everyone in vip went downstairs. We left the party at 1am, and went to Denny’s. It was such a fun weekend going out two nights in a row, and enjoying being an adult.


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