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i need to make a plan.. for once in my life i acctually have expensis, and i dont have much income :( bad times!!

I get 380 pounds a month.

I have to pay

RENT- £60 .. maybe £100 if i have to pay rent for my pairents even though im only there once every few weeks!!

PHONE- £40

TRANSPORT- estimate of £30.

and thats it, but i also want to put money away for savig to go away in the summer/a car.

so all that leaves me with £250 left. Maybe a bit less depending on what rent my pairents get me to pay :(

So next month when i get paid, with the 250 i have left I am going to give my dad 40 for the next 4 months for paying off some things i owe him, leaving me with £210.

I am then going to spend the rest on driving lessons/doing things untill i pass my test, and save what i can to give me a kick start for my car.

After ive passed i will be saving £100 at min a month to try and save for a holiday/car insurance/my own car.


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