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thrillkisser misses 43things. Must get involved again!

Have one of my pictures published (read all 3 entries…)
Interest for a book!

I was contacted today through flickr by a woman working on a book about sites in Seattle and wants to use one of my photos!

This would be so cool. And, I could cross this goal off. :)
Plus, I get a copy of the book. And, credit, of course.


sunset_fridays you are exactly where you are meant to be

that is so awesome!!!! ive always wanted one of my photos to be in a book or a magazine but never thought of adding it to my list before hmmm…..

Congrats on that =)

thrillkisser misses 43things. Must get involved again!

Thank You!

Yeah, it’s something that is kind of “out of your control”.
I guess you could actively submit work to get things going. But, I wasn’t going to work that hard. heh.

Thanks, again. And, good luck! :)


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