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monofeliz The rhythm of life, is a jazz rhythm, Honey

Reduce the plastic in my life (read all 8 entries…)
My tally so far

What has changed so far:

- No longer buy new plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner, the same set of 4 big bottles (2 of each) are refilled at a shop that lets you do that kind of thing

- Same for plastic bottles of dishwashing liquid and clothes-washing liquid detergent

- Use toothbrushes made from bamboo instead of plastic

- Bring cloth bags to go shopping, when I don’t I carry things in arms (I tend to forget to bring the bag or not worry about it if I know I’m only buying a few items. If I’m doing a big shop I don’t tend to forget the bags.)

- Don’t buy plastic-packed rice anymore; get a refill of rice from a shop that sells them from opened-up sacks, which I put into a 5kg cloth rice bag with a zipper that I bought from a supermarket once (it had rice inside when I bought it).

- Use reusable cloth pads and a menstrual cup in place of buying disposable pads and tampons

- Made a small jute sack to serve as a pot in which to grow some basil. I wanted a large-ish pot but we don’t have one at home and I didn’t want to buy a new plastic pot. Wasn’t too keen on buying a large pot made out of something else (ceramic for example) because large pots can get expensive!

I’m trying to figure out what else I can try to change now.

A good next thing to change might be to get a reusable, reliable water bottle. We’ve got plastic sports ones at home that were given as freebies at some event or from some company, but I don’t really trust those. If they’re given out so freely one imagines it was pretty cheap plastic and manufacturing. I guess I either have to get one of those BPA-free plastic ones, or maybe there are some made out of another material that are safer too?

Hmmmmmm….where else is there unnecessary plastic in my life…...


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