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renewalsh A Burchell's Coucal, like the one in my garden

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Martha Stewart

She totally misjudged her audience at a design indaba in South Africa. Her ‘banal’ and ‘misjudged’ presentation resulted in a mass walkout and a twitter deluge – some examples below:

Lynesse: martha stewart delivering an advertorial (sic) at the design indaba she sure knows how to clear a room
Iconeye: Martha Stewart’s on the stage at Design Indaba. One of the freakist talks I’ve ever scene (sic): the combo of deep banality and ferocious ambition
Marinxs: Martha Stewart is quite oblivious to the fact that she is completely disconnected from her audience.
jadeDsantos: Apparently #Martha Stewart’s hashtag went from being Design orientated to the world 1st twitter comedy!
Marklives: Smother me with a Stenciled Hawaiian Flower Cushion
marklives: God people are taking out their cellphones to follow the Twitter buzz #martha #designindaba
terrylevin: martha Stewart inadvertently becomes star of first twitcom #designindaba


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