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JW 1096 its all just a matter of time........

learn french (read all 2 entries…)
best way to learn?!

I am currently bidding on a book and CD combo on eBay to self teach myself French, does anyone know any really great online resources though? Maybe we should list all the good ones we find for others to use to…

Personally, I cant wait till my french is so good I can go on to the french Cosmopolitan and Marie Clare websites and understand the articles :)


Persephone the Great is getting healthy

Im learning a little French here and will soon be taking a class at a local college…only because I need a foreign language credit. But LM is completely free and you can chat with French speaking people and that really helps. Its a beautiful language, but quite an undertaking. Best of luck to you!!

JW 1096 its all just a matter of time........


Thanks for the website, i’m going to have a look at that right now!

nada100 is writing her list

but I think it is paid. are there other comprehesive website that teaches French for free?

JW 1096 its all just a matter of time........

I didnt pay

Hi! There are paid options on the site, but the basics can be learned for free. I have today also had an email offering me the paid for version free for 7 days and I’ve only been on the site a couple of days.

For me, this site is ideal, at the moment I can only commit to learning the basics and learn more complex French when I get a bit of spare time, I cant do classes every week for instance due to my job!

I think once you earn points on the website too you can get other paid for classes for free, you need to review other peoples work for points though, but I found that quite interesting anyway!

nada100 is writing her list


But it is a little confusing because each link takes u to an infinite number of other links..so be ware and don’t lose focus there!

JW 1096 its all just a matter of time........

Ill have a look through that site though, thanks!


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