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November 17, 2010

1)Observing Mr. Daly. Oh, how I do so miss his class. Getting the opportunity to sit in his classes once more really brings me back. I love him and I love his class. He has such a dry sense of humour, just how I like it! I love to talk to him afterward too. He gives great advice and he’s just a pleasure to talk to even if he is a little tired and apathetic. I love to bring a smile to his face :)
2)Bumping into one of my old math teachers. Since I’m observing at my old high school, I get the chance to bump into a lot of my old teachers. Today I bumped into one of my old math teachers! Even though I hate math, he taught very well and I remember a lot of the techniques that he taught. I thought back to all the things we have been talking about in intro to education lately and how, when a student comes back and gives a compliment to the teacher, that is absolutely what they live for. So, I thought I would try it and see his reaction. I told him that I enjoyed his class more than any of my college math classes and I remember more of what he taught me than what they have in terms of good technique. I could see him beaming and trying in vain to suppress his smile. We chatted for a bit before I took my leave but, I’m glad I was able to make his day and it made me happy to make him so happy :) Also, I was surprised he remembered me when he saw me! I guess it really goes to show that students can make an impact on a teacher. I had always been friendly to him and we would talk a lot after class when I had him. He had me twice during my high school career. Today, when he saw me he went “Oh God!” It made me so happy that he recognized me! So, we both made each other’s day!
3)Delicious cafeteria muffin. Before I went to my Spanish test today, I stopped by the cafe and grabbed a muffin. I love their muffins so much and today I tried a chocolate chip one. It was as great as the other varieties! Haha! Sometimes, these muffins are the pinnacle of my day!


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