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Super Awesome feels pretty awesome.

Make 2010 a year of transformation!
I'm gonna mark this as done now!

In the last year I

-Grew my hair long. It was shoulder length and now it’s nearly to my waist. I feel much more feminine now!

-I lost 40lbs. Just by curbing my binge eating.

-I’ve made tons more friends and I’ve become much closer to my old friends.

-I’ve enrolled in college and am doing quite well for once.

-I have an amazing social life now.

-I’m wearing clothes I actually love, rather than wearing loose fitting, dumpy outfits.

-I’m much more confident and happier.

Lets see what I can accomplish in 2011!
I hope everyone else is happy with the past year too. I know times are tough but we can still appreciate the little successes!


JIREH123 today i am meeting my best friend

you are very appreciative

i think you are very appreciative GOODLUCK IN 2011

yay good for you!

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