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design my own clothing line

i’d love to make my own clothing line. the name i’m not sure of though. if you have any ideas tell me. the type of clothing i guess would be more kind of a mix of gothic and normal clothes. i am not goth but i always admired their style. i would like a name that has wolf somwhere and as a big part in it. it will have dresses and jewelry and tops. skirts and blouses corsets etc. i would like to have some wolf related clothing too. maybe werewolf costumes for halloween.(not the stereotype just like tails and ears etc.) and like nice wolf t-shirts and wolf lockets(lockets shaped like paw prints and have wolf pics in them.) well any name ideas? plez respond. tail wags and howls into the sky plez help tail drops as mom gos in the room for a noise complaint (no really that just happened)....just HElp!!!!!!!! lone whimper



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