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serenete waiting

Work in journalism for a year
Learning things about yourself

Besides the steepest learning curve I’ve had in my life so far (all 27 years), I also condensed that year into a roundup article for my local Mensa magazine, which was taken up by another mag, and I had strangers write to me about it, which was great!

In that year (and a half), I worked for a Japanese newswire and an American magazine and had my mind totally blown apart by all the events. I had one-on-one interviews with Ministers, CEOs, angry union members, F1 racing drivers. And more!

Got sprayed with tear gas (those water cannons do NOT have water in them, but an awful stinging liquid), staked out hospitals, had my mobile ring embarrassingly during important national press conferences, tore my right ankle ligaments, attended one too many product openings, spent long hours listening to utterly boring speeches and many overtime hours.

I really couldn’t recommend it more!


wow tear gas! torn ligaments! F1 drivers! Overtime hours! Oh wait.. i’m familiar with that last one :p

Really though – wow. you’ve lived more in a coupla years than i feel i have..I really need to find my way out of this rut.

serenete waiting

Those were just some of the highlights of that workplus year. I don’t know whether it was ‘living’, I certainly felt that I was more alive because I was constantly being bombarded with things waaaaay over my head. All subjective.

Here too, at Uni, but differently. This time in Adelaide has been BAD, but there were so many good sparkles that it’s an overwhelming positive experience.

I’m going to fall into a rut soon, I know it. Gotsta work on the whole job thing eh? :)


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