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Have Three Ways

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Have a three-way (MMF)
Had my first straight MMF threesome with my wife & best friend last night!!!!

My wife & I had been discussing our fantasies lately & we believe that were comfortable enough in our relationship to fulfill these things. I of course want a FFM threesome & my wife wants a MMF threesome. We were deciding whether strangers or people we know would be best, we decided people we know. She asked a friend of hers but she said no, I asked my best friend that I’ve known all my life and he said yes. He came over last night, we ate dinner, watched television & talked. He & my wife drank, I don’t drink, my wife began to feel a little tipsy and she showered & changed to something more comfortable, afterwards I showered myself. I did research on this & I’ve read everywhere it’s best to let the guest and the woman to start so I told my wife too do just that. He was hesistant & uncomfortable with starting but after some forcing he went along, my wife began to kiss & lick him on his neck, she layed on top of him & continued for a few minutes & i watched then came behind her & began to lick her ass, she got off of him & performed oral on me while jerking him off, then he got up & she performed oral on both of us. After a few minutes of this I laid her down & performed oral on her while she continued to do oral on him. After that I fucked her doggy style & she kept on with the oral on my friend. I told him to go behind & fuck her doggy style & i laid down & she performed oral on me. He has a bigger penis than me so as soon as he entered her she was moaning & groaning from her pussy being so filled like that. It was a turn on for me watching her enjoy it so much. After that she got on top of him & I came from behind & entered her ass, we did that for a couple of minutes then we switched positions. After that he entered her ass again doggy style while she gave me oral but couldn’t take it anymore because of his girth it hurt too much. Next I fucked her missionary & she did some more oral on him. I came soon after that & I did some oral to her. She stopped me because she wanted my friend to fuck her missionary. He did & came also. While he fucked her I tried rubbing her clit at the same time to make her cum but she didn’t. After some more oral from me she did & that was it. We cleaned up, my friend left & that was it. Overall it was a great experience, something I’d try again. I enjoyed watching my wife fuck & suck another man, I also enjoyed her getting pleasure from being fucked by a bigger man. I’m still waiting to get my FFM threesome, hopefully it will happen soon.



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