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December 4th 10

-Mini roadtrip up island to watch my sister play soccer.

-New clothes, most importantly a new winter coat that I needed so bad!


-Veggie hotdogs topped with everything!


beachbum12b Is swimming upstream. But still swimming.

what is

poutine? I have heard of it often, and other than knowing it is some kind of food, I have no idea what it is!

Poutine is deeeelicious (and of course pretty unhealthly!).
It is french fries in a bowl topped with lots of melty cheese and gravy. I think it’s a Canadian invention…

beachbum12b Is swimming upstream. But still swimming.


tastes good with French fries. A favorite in Ohio is salads – with french fries on top. Pittsburgh, PA? They serve sandwiches – with the fries on the sandwich. Can’t go wrong if fries are involved!

You’re making me hungry! Haha

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