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be a better drummer (read all 2 entries…)
kicking the s*** out of the drum set

i’m teaching myself to play drums, and i love it!! i just don’t get to practice enough… i really want to get better at it!



you’ll get better, try to get as much practice as you can. try youtube, just type in drum lessons, you can take it from there…. well feel free to contact me, this is new to me so you can just email me if you want, dorniko@hotmail.com, i’m on myspace as well preach a.k.a the prophecy…. take it easy and keep swingin the sticks


The bad news is, I’ll be leaving the country very soon, to live abroad for a few years, and I’ll probably have to live in some cheap flat, where I don’t think my drums will be welcome. So, sadly, I’m considering the possibility of packing them up and leaving them here… :<


thats too bad, have you considered v-drums, by roland. digital but nice, and you can control the volume, you can even put headphones on if you like. let me know if your selling your set, i really need one… i hope you keep in touch, the link to my myspace page is:
preachakatheprophecy@hotmail.com, long huh. i look forward to hearin from you….

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