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Make new friends (read all 2 entries…)
this one is tough

i’m growing apart from all my high school friends. which wouldn’t be that big of a deal if they weren’t really the only friends i have. i’m just so tired of their drama and being part of such a small circle of people who know everything about each other. we are all getting waaaay too old for that stuff. i just have a kind of a time making and keeping friends. theres a variety of factors at work..my shyness, my odd interests, my unwillingness to deal with the party scene. and i’m trying to put myself out there more, starting new things, going to a new church but no luck yet..i just have to trust that the new friends will be worth the wait!


i don’t know where to start. but what you’ve written is exactly how i felt 5 years ago when i left secondary school. i grew further from my friends, and felt isolated. during the increase in popularity of facebook, i was afraid of creating an account and to this day i still do not have a facebook account. i do not want the fear of rejection. im not afraid in asking women out, but i just seem to have lots of confidence. i think its false confidence. i have nothing to lose. i hit major depression during the 4 years, been medicated, and “theraputed”. now im more alert and focused in life, and now i want to make a change.

im shy as well, i do believe i have odd interests, and i’m not much of a fan of clubbing. but maybe i or we feel like this because we arent succeeding in making friends as easy as other people. i dont know.

what i can truly say about your post is that u admit it. people are really selfish in this world, and i hope your friends dont hate you in any way. good luck in your search for friends. much love.

JessicaVandenbark Is thinking about Justin... and life. I want to be happy.

I relate as well

I’m the same way too.
I personally like when others have different or ‘odd’ interests. I like out of the norm. Strange and weird. More people should be open to new things and such.
I’m not a partier at all honestly. More of a dreamer and gamer, among others.
New friends can be worth the wait, provided you yourself pick the right person. You just need to put yourself out there, even though right now you might feel like your in a rut.

thanks for the comments guys! i hope you find what you are looking for as well =)

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