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Chris Campbell is getting things done.

Bike 1000kms before the end of the summer (read all 6 entries…)
A Good Amount of Bike Riding

I just realized that I hadn’t crossed this goal off or updated it for a while, but it was completed. The total number of kilometers for this year by the beginning of October was 1165 km. To be more technical for the summer it would be 1093 km.
It was a lot of fun and I think that it will be a regular thing. I miss biking now that there is snow on the ground.


Dreamer~ Forward, onward, and upward

I purchased a

Speedometer/odometer for my bike. Your post reminded me that it’s in the drawer. It is also motivating me to keep record of my mileage ; ) Once the snow is off the ground, we’re in business again~

Chris Campbell is getting things done.

That’s great!
It made a big difference when I started tracking how far I went as it was a good way to see some progress aside from feeling good and being outside a lot.
I can’t wait for the snow to go away and start biking again!

Dreamer~ Forward, onward, and upward

I'm with you on being ready

For bike riding again!

loveinthecure FOCUS - I AM FOCUS. I LOVE FOCUS.

I wonder if I can

get my whole family to get out there and ride in the next few months. Keeping track might ignite the interest in my boys…..hummmmm. Congrats on reaching your goal CC.

Chris Campbell is getting things done.

It’s great when you can have people to bike with. For me it provides a bit of extra motivation and it is good because it’s a shared goal which is why 43 Things works well too!
Good luck!

Go for it!

Chris Campbell is getting things done.

It’s too slippery and snowy and I don’t have snow tires for the bike.

But spring will be here soon.

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