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i want to live in the wild (read all 2 entries…)

i have been looking over this after hundreds of google searchs to find what i was looking for i came upon this and i am very happy i did although i want be able to embark on this jorney for a few months because i think it would be best to wait till my 18th birthday i wanted to go ahead and get my ducks in a row if anyone is in USA and would like a fellow traveler please i beg you messege me bradleyharrison73@yahoo.com that would be my email. please dont think that im just some stupied child trying to get away from parents as that is not the case at all i have religious requirments to meet and this happens to be one of them less requirmetns more goals if you will. I have grown up fishing building treehouses and spent countless hours walking through the woods enjoying this amazing thing we call earth .

I ask again please email me it would mean so much to me thank you


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