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Lose 20 pounds

I lost 20 lbs or so last year. In the entire year. I wasn’t really focused on losing weight. This year I am. I feel like the way I’ve changed my diet will do wonders for my waistline. I don’t know if 20 lbs is a realistic goal, but I think 30 is the most I could lose and be strong and healthy. So 20 seems reasonable for now. I’d like to do it before my birthday in April. No big plans—just 100% clean eating, no fruit, regular strength training.

For stats purposes, right now I’m at 157 lbs, 32 inch waist. Dropping to 137 sounds good. I can report BF% later as measured by calcs and calipers. I dunno what my waist will do—obviously I don’t have a goal. I want the fat gone but I don’t think it’ll all go, you know? I hear it’s stubborn. Progress pics later!


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