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Jeremy is trying to stay sane

Assemble a working functional computer by July 09
early Jan 2011

Well…....it is now quite some long time since this expired.

On the upside I did make a very concerted effort to get this goal accomplished last summer. It was a fully functional computer for a short period of time, but I wasn’t able to use it for some of the media that I wanted.

I had installed Ubuntu and probably should’ve shelled out the money for Win 7. I do not seem to have the time or patience to figure out how to make all the different programs work that I need to make work. Device drivers always seem to be unavailable or lost.

I have a huge supply of older computers I should practice on before I tackle an expensive build with up to date parts. To this end, I am going to rename this goal as July ‘11. I pray that is sufficient time to accomplish what I should/hope to have completed.



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