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Better and better

Currently, I’m about 98% clear (I have two pimples, but they’re vanishing fast). I’m not exactly sure what’s caused this but there are a few things I’ll mention. And, I’m not considering this “done” because this can just be a clear era that’ll pass—I don’t know.
First and foremost, I changed my diet drastically. I don’t drink soda or coffee; I don’t eat cookies, candy, cake, pie, (etc., though of course it’s fine occasionally); I don’t eat red meat. And, with every meal I include fruits or vegetables. I also drink a hell of a lot more water. I think that’s a huge (!) factor in my clear skin.
Second, I’ve been taking a lot of supplements that are supposed to contribute to clearer skin: vitamins A, E, B5, C, and Zinc and milk thistle.
Third, I have been using zinc oxide topically, which I know for a fact has made a tremendous difference. It’s brightened my old scars-helped loads just “disappear”-and it’s shortened the healing time of current pimples. They now go away overnight, sometimes within hours.
Also, I still use olive oil and honey.
Hope this helps someone :)


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