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So after reading others ideas on living passionately I realized…. in order to live this, I should know some of the things that make me feel this.
*art – I can never get enough
*music – especially LIVE SHOWS! (also miss band practice with the boys, but cant fix that)
*reading -I don’t do that anymore :( why
*trying new things – I need moneyyyyy
*tattoos – I need more, like yesterday
*being in shape – trying
*being considered a FREE SPIRIT – now its been a long time since anyone has called me that, not sure if you can be that and a wife??

I finallyyyyy went to a show the other day (it’s been probably a year which is way unacceptable) and it was so fun! I felt like myself again. Eep! And I took my fiancee and he loved it, which made me twice as happy.


Ivymere finds strength...somewhere, somehow


LIve music shows sound awesome!

Yeah I miss reading too….

Good luck!

hey, you can TOTALLY be a free spirit and a wife – I certainly intend to one day!

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