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How Can I Become A Mermaid

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How Do I Become A Mermaid

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How Do I Become A Mermaid

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become a mermaid and how do i do this
Mermaid spells that REALLY work

so heres the first and formost best one yet… :

Mermaids and spirits from far far below,
make me a mermaid and shall my tail grow.
The next time i touch the water i should know i am a mermaid, shall my tail grow.I wish for my tail to be (color),
And this is my power, (power).

Once ur done with that then u just wait 2 or 3 days..

Another is:

Mermaids hear my plead,
make me please a mermaid.
i wish with all my heart,
i wish to begin the start.
please make ME a mermaid,
water be upon me.

you have to be touching water for all spells…

last one:

mermaids can you hear me?
make me only me a mermaid.
i wish to the power of me,
make me oh make me please…
a tail i grow and then i know, i should keep this a secret.



(This comment was deleted.)

just touch water?

So if i do the first one all i would have to do is say the spell correct, touch water, and wait?

u got it

nice job of understanding and im having side effects!

I’m new at this and I really want to be a mermaid can u say the first spell twice or will it not work and is the tail in the picture real

All at once

Im really new to this and im a bit impationt so i kind of said them all at once + one i made up and now im having suid affects is that bad or will it not work ?


hmm tell me the spell that u made up so i ll become a mermaid, PLZ!

Wish i could

Im really sorry i wish i could but it was really just off the top of my head all i know is that it was along the lines of
O great gods of the sea moon and sky plz make make me a mermaid tonight i no i can and i wish u will answer my prayr with all ur skill a human now a mermaid tonight ill become a mermaid befor dawns first light when i am a mermaid its nolonger ur consern iwill do anything for the mermaid tail ill earn o great gods of the sea sky and moon i hopr to c u underwater soon
I really just went with the flow
Well i said this i was holding really tight to my speciel necklace and i was listening to the ocean from my ipod also what i did instead of say what color tail i wanted i jusy painted my toes that color so really just do what eva u think might help good luck hope to c u in the ocean soon :P

cool. still dont get it but cool.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

i no tumpting. put numb stuff on ur legs and say i wish i wish i wish when i touch the water to be of the mermaid kind please mote it be.lol

cole3490 is dying inside

i did the first two spells is it ok if i told people about my tail what if they see my tail by mistake?

I did the first spell and my legs have not stopped itching! And my legs feel comfortable when crossed!!!!!! O_O
(I dunno if those are side effects or not o-o)


I want to:
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