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get rejected

I live a monotonous life because I fear rejection so much, I rather have no friends or boyfriends whatsoever. I don’t speak up for myself, out of fear that the people who I am speaking to will reject me (even when it’s these very people who have hurt me). The boyfriends I do have usually are disrepectful, hurtful or have lots of problems. I wondered why, and realize it is a protection I give myself. In this way I am assured that if rejection occurs, the pain would be less because I don’t actually value these people. Then if it was someone extremely supporting and nurturing, the risk that I would be rejected would be so painful. I need to love the people I love. Also find the humility in the pain of rejection.

I am going to start by teaching a environmental art lesson at my school I designed and care a lot about since I am studying in the field of art teaching, but I am scared to be rejected because I am shy and maybe won’t make this workshop as fun as someone else could make it who is more outgoing. I am scared people will think it is boring, think it isn’t cool, maybe no one will show up and I’ll look like a big loser/failure and everyone will think I am a bad teacher and I will never have the confidence to enter this career once I graduate.

“You are what you love, and not what loves you”



I do the same thing…

I decided I have to love myself first. I’m still getting there. I actually met a great guy and we are in love but sometimes I feel like something is off, like he’s not who I think he is or he’s too good to be true. This all stems from not loving myself. I don’t know how you are with yourself but I’m afraid of rejection because it will confirm all my insecurities.

hope you get everything you are looking for and more.



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