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andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses

Create a beautiful uplifting morning routine (read all 7 entries…)
BUM Routine

I found this idea on Zeitgeist.
I wanted to adopt this goal, because my mornings involve:

1.hitting a snooze button 15 or more time.
2. getting up in a bad mood.
3. rushing around, multi-tasking to get ready for work/church/whatever
4. leaving (sometimes late), feeling a combination of 5. irritation and dread

I want to work on this, because I can imagine it would affect my whole day to have a Beautiful, Uplifting Morning Routine (BUM routine).

I’ll tweak it, of course, but here’s a grab bag of what I wish my mornings were like:

1. read my Bible
2. 20 min exercise (DVD 30 day shred or exercises or a walk)
3. taking care of myself (e.g skin: lotion/moisturizer, sunscreen, makeup AND teeth: whitestrips, brushing, flossing, ETC)
4. 15 minutes of cleaning something/organizing something
5. Something to communicate with kids/family/friends (notes, facebook)
6. Food: Either pack a lunch, or plan for that day’s meals (crockpot if a work day) or make breakfast for us (telework day or weekend)
7. outfit: time to really try and look my best when i go out

And here’s why it rarely happens: That seems like a 100 minute routine when I look at it. I leave the house at 5 am!
I’d have to wake up at 3 am!!
So, I’ll need to think about this, maybe have different stuff depending on the day.

But at any rate, I love this idea and want to get into a beautiful, uplifting morning routine.


Triniprincess ...having a Carnival tabanca! :(


This is so much like me….especially what your mornings currently involve :(

I really wish you the best with this. Having a bad morning really throws you off your mark for the rest of the day.

andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses


I hope you adopt this, too—I saw on the other thread that you can’t just yet – you are in a state of transition right now (that was you, right?).

I agree—mornings affect the whole day. The few times I’ve had good mornings, the whole day goes well.

But of course I’ve had horrible mornings since I wrote this goal…it’s going to take a while to make this a routine.

Triniprincess ...having a Carnival tabanca! :(

Yes...that was me.

I would adopt it soon…hopefully sooner than later.

Don’t be too hard on yourself….it definitely takes time. Routine comes out of habit and habits are to hard break. It requires babysteps…small goals and acknowledge your accomplishments.

Oh here’s a site I think may help. It gives you a check-in to help you do a task consecutively for 21 days. It is said if you do something for that long…a habit is formed…henced the name of the site…”Habit Forged”. So maybe you can add, “Read my bible” and start slowly implementing things into your mornings.

Let me know what you think.

andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses


I love this site!!
It will be perfect for the goals that I really want to be ongoing habits!

So thanks for all the encouragement, and the link triniprincess!

I’m registering today…

Triniprincess ...having a Carnival tabanca! :(


It’s not a problem…I’m glad I could help. I’m going to re-start using it as well. :)

Cheers to BUM’s and new habits in 2011!!! :)

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