andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses

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What's your morning routine?

I’m adopted a goal “Create a Beautiful, Uplifting Morning Routine” (acronym BUM, which seems funny to me), and I wondered what you guys are able to cram into your mornings to make it beautiful, uplifting, or anything else.


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Donna razzle dazzle


I like to log in here and write a gratitude entry while I’m drinking a cup of coffee. While it has the title of today’s date, it’s from yesterday’s events. That usually puts me a good mood.

I have breakfast and then I get ready for the day. I’ve gone to great lengths to have a kind of “uniform” for my work, so that everything pretty much goes together. I probably bore others with my choices, but I don’t care. I feel good in the clothes that I think make me look my best. So I avoid any closet drama in the mornings.

Also, I follow a pattern for the packing up of my food for the day: protein, vegetables, and fruits/nuts. I usually take leftovers from the night before.

So I guess I have a BUM: I have the uplifting gratitude part and a beautifully simple regimen for getting out the door.

Good luck with your BUM, andi_dufresne!

Donna razzle dazzle


How about you waking up in the morning, remembering that the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl? How’s that for uplifting!

Spyrunner I'm back

I'm sorry the

Bears didn’t make it to the Super Bowl.

Donna razzle dazzle

They Exceeded... expections for the season overall. Not bad, not bad at all. Thanks, Spyrunner.

andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses

I wanted that, too!

So sorry :(
But you can root for Steelers now, OK?

Spyrunner I'm back


but I’ll bet you this goal that Green Bay will win.

Loser has 24 hours to do 100 pushups.

andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses


I was so proud of my Steelers!!

andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses

you have a great BUM!

haha I wanted to write that, but I also sincerely mean it.

I LOVE that you start your day with thankfulness!!

I also really like the packing up of food…and using leftovers.
I spend way too much money when I eat out.

And I like the uniform thing, too—it also fits in with developing your own personal style!

And I see that both of those things could be done the night before…

So thanks!!! This is very helpful!!

tangerine_now Getting things done.

Good luck with your bum.

[Okay, I just commented so I could use that title. I don’t have a morning routine to speak of, and certain not anything approaching beautiful and/or uplifting.]

andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses

My Bum...

needs all the encouragement it can get. :)

haha love your comment

(This comment was deleted.)

andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses


For the information.
I also love your profile picture! Beautiful!

красивейшая Богиня ♥ L’émeu - I long lost my ping at sea ♥


A nice cafe latte.
Proper coffee made in a little italian espresso that sits on the stove. I heat up the milk (thanks microwave) and froth it with a £3 hand held frother. nice, very uplifting. That’s my morning BUM.

if you want spiritual but don’t own a milk frother: with a nice obliging partner, good vigorous morning sex also works to wake you up and put a smile on your face.

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Triniprincess ...having a Carnival tabanca! :(


I’m not a morning person and I have absolutely no routine!!! Besides the internet bit….anything is anything. I’m really hoping to change that this year though….sigh. Good luck with yours!

andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses

I know!!

My mornings are so hectic! I want this, too!
I adopted the goal from someone…maybe you could adopt it, too?

Let me know if you do, we’ll cheer each other on!

Triniprincess ...having a Carnival tabanca! :(

I have....

this goal….because with me it’s not only mornings haha. But I’m starting with mornings.

The thing is….I’m actively searching for a job and if I get a routine now…and then have to change it in the next two weeks that would suck. So I’m being contented with my babysteps…which right now is getting up before 8am! :)

I’ll still be cheering you on though….I’ll join you in a couple weeks, when things are “finalized”, so to speak.

andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses

It seems to take me...

at least a month to accomplish any goal. (Since I adopted this goal, I’ve had nothing but hectic mornings…ha!)

So we will probably be at around same time frame anyway! So check back!!

bermudamohawk mindfully moving

good morning!

The best way to start my morning is by going to bed at a decent hour the night before. Otherwise, I hit snooze until the last possible moment and rush to get out the door in time.

I don’t have a solid routine, but I enjoy a morning that allows me time to get in a workout, get ready (shower, dress, makeup, hair, etc.) without rushing, and spend some time chatting and/or watching the news. Working out always leaves me feeling energizing and good about myself, and making time for a little relaxation before driving off to work calms me down.

My morning routine continues into the beginning of my workday, where I eat some oatmeal, sip on coffee, check messages, and catch up on things in the internet world (like I’m doing right now!). It helps me feel settled and ready to take on the day!

andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses

I think..

You are right about getting enough sleep the night before.
I almost never get a decent amount of sleep (5 or more hours)

I also think a morning workout would be the best thing.

Thanks for sharing this!

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tangerine_now Getting things done.

5.30 until 8

That doesn’t sound too bad, actually. On Wednesdays I get up at 6 to get the kiddies to daycare at 7.30 or 7.40 and then it takes me until around 10 to get to my work. And still I am often the first to arrive there while my co-workers have a 5 minute commute… Lazy bums.

(This comment was deleted.)

tangerine_now Getting things done.


Gotta get on a tram which takes me to the station where the train either takes me to a suburb of the city where I work where I take the subway to my workplace OR I miss that train (which is often because of the tram being too slow) and I end up taking another train to the airport (!) where I change to another line which takes me to that city’s main station where I take the subway but another line so I need to change lines.
And still it is faster than driving a car through traffic in the West of the Netherlands on a Wednesday morning. Plus I can read a nice book while I’m travelling.

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andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses

Your family...

probably loves getting a breakfast like this.

I could probably do this a couple of days for mine—and I will try that!


(This comment was deleted.)

andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses

That 5:00- 5:50 time...

is probably really well-organized.

Also, what’s fake coffee? Decaf?

Thanks for sharing this!

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tikini wikini It's tiki time

Aw ahaikunhoney

no need to feel bereft of glamour when you trail it around with you like a long floaty gossamer scarf the colors of the sky at dawn over the calmest of seas

(This comment was deleted.)

tikini wikini It's tiki time

ha I knew it

the excessiveness of your life has such color and texture and fragrance

bath chambers indeed
and a large desk
love poems and a certain muse (beautiful muse)
... and so on…

what more could anyone want or hope for?

Hawk~ History's mystery


Um, no.

Sounds just right.


PS … I think you have a lovely bum

(This comment was deleted.)

Simon isn't ungoogleable.

I have a complaint.

Fake coffee?!

(This comment was deleted.)

Simon isn't ungoogleable.

The things we do for bums.

Once you have achieved your desired level of bum hotness, I hope you treat yourself to some decent coffee.

(This comment was deleted.)

Bedhead2 Is celebrating MOON AVATAR WEEK a little early!

Current morning routine

M. wakes me up at about 6:15. Lately he has been giving me a massage on my legs and feet (to wake me up) and lots of kisses (to wake me up) and he tells me I’m beautiful (which is hard to believe!). Then he asks me to make him some cocoa which I go and do.
He makes fresh orange juice for me and leaves it on the table.

While I’m doing the cocoa I do something called “oil pulling”. Basically, I put a tablespoon of sesame oil in my mouth and swish it around for about 15 minutes! It’s good for all sorts of things (look it up online). After that…he goes to work and I mess around for a few hours online, shower and whatever else I want to do before going to work. Sometimes I just climb back in bed!

andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses

I will check out the oil...

thing. I’venever heard of that!!


Bedhead2 Is celebrating MOON AVATAR WEEK a little early!

Sesame oil

I’m doing it right now. I really really like the effect it has. It gets your digestive system working well first thing in the morning. Also, it’s an ayurvedic remedy for getting rid of lines around the mouth! I don’t have any of those but a woman I know has minimized hers by doing this.

Taylor is planting seeds


Catchy tune about oil-pulling:

Bedhead2 Is celebrating MOON AVATAR WEEK a little early!

I love that

She’s dancing around most of the time…and then you see some oil fly into her mouth….a little swish swish and then she spits it out quickly and dances some more!! :)
Very cute.

Taylor is planting seeds

I thought you'd enjoy that

I don’t watch a lot of Bollywood stuff (other than NBC’s “Outsourced”) but I thought it was a lot of fun.

I’d like to see a similar treatment given to neti pots.

Bedhead2 Is celebrating MOON AVATAR WEEK a little early!

I can see them doing that with neti pots~!

I have a friend that absolutely adores “Outsourced”. I have seen about 5 episodes, it’s really fun!!

(right now I’m watching The Wire-on DVD and loving it)

andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses

this made me laugh...

though i don’t think that’s what it was supposed to do.
“very simple.
very e-ffective.”

i will still read this. I have heard of “ayurvedic’ on dr. oz, but don’t really understandit

renewalsh A Burchell's Coucal, like the one in my garden


Not being a morning person, this is a trail.

I often wake to the sounds of the TV, left on from my frequent 2am-5am stints of wakefulness.

DH brings me 1 or 2 cups of tea and the morning paper, which I read quickly.

Wake and lie sluggishly for a bit, then a lovely bathe and choosing a bright outfit.

Being a bit OCD, I COUNT every morning task and item.

Greet my helper who will interrupt me if I am a bit slow (so that she can fetch the laundry).

Once dressed and coiffed and made up, I make the LOOONG commute to my office (all of 20 seconds.)

There I do the morning sudoku and telephone my business partner, all the while looking out for the hadeda with a crippled leg.

I wait for funnygranny to walk over to my office and regale me with her plans for the day.

Then 43 things, thereafter tasks.

andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses

This BUM...

seems pretty good to me! You seem to have good people around: the husband, the helper, funnygranny!

Thanks for sharing this!

My mornings are in a state of transition,

spending half of my mornings here and half with Mr. CT. When the move is done, I will finally have a BUM. For now, the home half is still good but if the whole acronym is used (BUMR) it is appropriate.

6am Hit snooze button once
6:10 Wake to snooze alarm and cats meowing, “Get off your ass and feed me.” Plus my alarm is set 22 minutes fast. Doing the math to figure out what time it really is, wakes me up.
6:15 feed cats, make coffee, feed cats
6:25 chant
7:00 turn on puter, catch up on emails, shops and panicked emails from the boss for last minute instructions she forgot to tell me about the day before.
8:00 start second cup of coffee, eat a banana, take vitamins, trip over packed boxes, curse, move boxes and do some stretching/exercise for lazy broads
8:30 shower, trip over cat while searching for a towel, dry and style hair, fard, tell my mirror’s reflection how gorgeous I am, get dressed.
9:15 head downstairs, scritch kitties and help them with their separation anxiety, explaining I have to work so I can buy cat food and shitty litter, take garbage out to the car, grab necessary items for work, gaze wistfully at the studio, wishing I could be there instead, drive around to the back of my building, deposit garbage, drive back to the front of the building, go back inside, fetch the item I forgot, go to work.

In about a month, this will all change. Not any more organized, but I’ll have a smile on my face for the commute.

tikini wikini It's tiki time

you too?

..._ drive back to the front of the building, go back inside, fetch the item I forgot_…

my secret goal is to leave the house with everything I need – I’ll let you know next time that happens…!!!

It's the cost

of my brain being 5 thoughts ahead of what I’m doing. LOL

Moose I'm sure I will be happy if I apply myself

I have two BUMs

;) lol
1) Off-days (including weekends): get up at whatever time I feel awake, have breakfast, make coffee, sit and write for at least an hour. Then exercise.
2) Work-days: get up at 5.30 (argh! stupid!) have breakfast, make coffee but drink it faster, make lunch/pack bag while coffee is brewing (the all important 4 minutes!), find 20 minutes or so to do something that I actually care about (usually writing or music) to make it worth having gotten up, get dressed, realise I’m late, stumble to the gym…

andi_dufresne she woke up one morning and threw away all her excuses


i think i’ll need 3 BUMS
and I want to do the same thing—have at least a little time for the ‘stuff i actually care about’!

Thanks for posting this!

tikini wikini It's tiki time

the dogs

the dogs have a routine. The moment my breathing changes to indicate consciousness, they start nudging me.

Mr Dog heaves himself onto the bed, oft times grazing my legs in the process. He sighs a big old doggy throaty word or three and settles along legs to catch a second sleep.

Meanwhile Ms Dog alerts and watches me for further signs of wakefulness.

Eventually, sooner rather than later, I walk them about the forest, one at a time, and then come in and make coffee, or pour it if someone has made it already, and check my emails.

From that point onward, the day sort of scoops me up and into it.

wren You'll not see nothing like the mighty wren!

I AM in the A.M.

I’m a creature of habit, so my morning routine doesn’t deviate much from this, at least on work days.

Internet and/or read for 1 hour. This is done while one dog snuggles next to my head and the other dog lays on my legs. If I move at all, the dogs are up like a shot, ready to go!

Write in my journal.

Morning meditation.

Take dogs for a walk.

Feed dogs.

Exercise for 1 hour.

Shower & get dressed.

Pack my breakfast and my lunch.

Drive in to work, while listening to NPR news or a podcast of This American Life.

(This comment was deleted.)

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