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write more love letters

I sometimes write love notes to my fiance while he’s sitting right next to me. Sometimes I write notes and put them with his keys or in the glove box of the car.

I think I would like to write at least one love letter every week.


that would be sooooo sweet!

i’d do that if i had someone to write it to…hmmmm :-)

Dana is...bringing her own sunshine has been gone for far too long!

Love letters

Love letters are so under rated. Everyone should write more in general, but love letters used to be so full of emotion and it was a way to share one’s true feelings, and no one does that anymore. I think it’s great what you are doing, even if it’s just an ‘I love you’.

I always put a little not or card in my husband bag if he leaves town. So he has a surprise and part of me with him all the time!

Love letters are so sweet and exciting.


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