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get a real job (read all 2 entries…)
Path to success

I guess this past year, I haven’t really had what qualifies as a real job. In terms of a proper office, work colleagues, set hours and an atmosphere filled with activity.

Sending out my CV, I used to think maybe it got lost somewhere. But next week I have an interview with another finance company. It’s smaller compared to my last work place.

In all honesty, I’m scared, nervous, but deep down there’s a spark of excitement too. I know I’m capable but sometimes I don’t always feel it. I know to do well in finance I need to let my capability & confidence show.

Coincidently I had a strange vision last night of my grandma. I hope she’s watching over me from far up there.

Wish me luck.


Good luck Eileen!

Sending lots of luck your way :) :)
I believe in you. You’re a smart girl and I know you will find a job this year!

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